Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Values and Valuing

” I love providing supervision. I relish the insights my supervisees gain, the solutions they discover, the changes they feel supported to make. I enjoy the amazing people I work with, the passion they show for their work, and the difference that supervision makes to their practice over time.”

When I wrote these words this time last year in a blog on the value of supervision they were from the heart, and they still ring true today. I truly value what I do, and I do it because I value what YOU do. Cheesy I know, but it is the truth. I know that your work with your clients makes a huge impact, that your skills and knowledge are so valuable to the your clients.  Because I believe in the work you do, it makes it even more important to me that you look after your own wellbeing in order to keep doing this important mahi.

“Values can’t just be words on a page. To be effective, they must shape action.” Jeffrey R. Immelt

As Immelt says – values can’t just be words on a page. So I wanted to remind you of some of the tools and resources I have created and shared over the last few years of blogs, to support your wellbeing in your practice (work)

5 Overwork Patterns You Can Break Right Now!

Consistent Action Or Elephant Eating

Adapt For Success

Tricks For Procrastinators

Professional Development For Free

7 Factors Influencing Work Wellbeing

And it is nearly a year since I launched my first on-line professional development course – Emerge From Overwhelm. I have had great feedback from participants, and for half the price of a supervision session, you might find this tool a valuable addition to support your wellbeing in your work. Find out more here 

Valuing your own wellbeing and acting on that value allows you to continue to do the valuable work you do.