Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Consistent Action or Elephant Eating

“When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.”    Creighton Abrams

A month ago I released my first self-paced on-line course. In case you missed it, the topic is Overwhelm – take a peak here.

Later this month I will be launching a second e-course on Healthy Work Boundaries – because don’t we all need these?

Six months ago my dream of creating self paced e-courses for those in the helping professions on topics that directly support their wellbeing in their work was just a dream. I wanted to share the tools and knowledge I’ve gained in my supervision practice with more than my current supervisees, but it seemed to daunting, too huge.

One of the biggest insights I have gained from this journey has been taking consistent action leads to an outcome I could only dream about. Working on the first step, and then the next, day after day, week after week really does eat the elephant. By committing to the time and prioritising a new project, habit or activity, and (most importantly) turning up and doing the work, you can really munch that daunting, huge, pachyderm down to size.

So what did that look like for me? Each work day I had as my number one priority at least 1/2 hour on my e-course. I would identify the day before what was the next step I needed to take, and then I would set the timer and work on it for half an hour. Sometimes I had longer, but mostly it was all those half hours adding up over time that created progress.

In the Healthy Work Boundaries course I talk about saying “No” in order to say “Yes”. What is something you could say “No” to,  so that you have room for the “Yes” of consistent action towards your dream?