Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Adapt For Success

How do we Adapt for Success?

“Have you ever watched a butterfly in mid-flight? It bobs slightly up and down, leisurely flitting from one flower to another. It’s amazing to think that not long before, that same butterfly was an earthbound caterpillar inching its way along. So often, I’ve felt like a little caterpillar, ready and wanting to fly but lacking the wings to accomplish it. That’s the miracle of transformation. We can develop beyond our current limits. We can grow wings and fly. I love butterflies because they symbolize this transformation so perfectly.”

Creative Bloom – Jennifer Swift

As I write this blog it is the unofficial first day of Spring in New Zealand. Signalling to me optimism and new beginnings. In my garden the Monarch butterflies have been bobbing around on the gentle breeze. Actually, they have been present for most of the winter too. Up here in the North the Monarchs appear to have changed their reproductive cycle to avoid predator wasps by hatching and breeding earlier in the season. This adaptation gives them a fighting chance of raising the next generation of butterflies.

How incredible is that ability to adapt to your environment to ensure your ongoing success?

We have that ability too. For us the ability to adapt isn’t usually a life or death scenario, however we hold the potential to adapt how we do things in order to thrive.

When adapting our habits, routines or behaviour simplicity is the key. What do you want to Stop, Start or Continue doing?

Some ideas for successful adapting:

  • Align a new habit to something you are already doing. A great example of this was preparing and placing a piece of dental floss on your toothbrush every morning after brushing to remind yourself to floss each night.
  • When trying to stop doing something make sure you have a satisfying alternative to put in its’ place. For instance, replacing Facebook scrolling in the evening to wind down, with a relaxing shower or bath.
  • You will be more successful in making a change in a habit if you can identify with the meaning behind it. It may be that the new habit is linked with your personal value of taking responsibility for your actions, or your value of connecting with others. Or maybe it is meaningful because the result of the new habit (such as no devices at mealtimes) gives you more quality interactions with your family.

I’m currently trying to establish a new habit of reviewing my day and planning the next the evening before. The way I am tacking this is by using a quick check sheet of what I am reviewing, sitting down with a herbal tea in the evening, and making it a special ritual after the kids are in bed. I’ll let you know how I get on.

For more suggestions on increasing your motivation towards a successful change in habits here is an earlier blog of mineHands Up For a Change