Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Emerge From Overwhelm

There’s a strange sense of waiting with bated breath when you create something for others. I feel a nervous, excited, butterfly fluttering feeling as I present my first e-course.

When did you last invest in your own professional and personal development?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the things on your To Do list? Overwhelm is the most common issue my supervisees bring to supervision, and one I have struggled with myself working in a helping profession.

The reality is that we are under more pressure from time frames, deadlines, caseloads, technology, etc than ever before. Often the enjoyment of helping others gets lost in the chaos of just getting through the work.

My purpose in creating a self-paced, on-line course on overwhelm was to offer supprt and introduce you to a tool and strategies that can help you get unstuck when you are feeling overwhelmed. A tool that you can use again and again, so that with time and practice you can learn to emerge from overwhelm more easily and with more grace. I’ve written it for all of you in helping professions who are feeling bogged down with the relentless demands of juggling work and home life.

Here’s what one of the course participants wrote… 

“This course was very timely for me. It has given me more tools to use when I am struggling with juggling and prioritising my work. Before the course I tended to wing it when feeling overwhelmed. Now I have learned some strategies that will help, instead of using the same old defaults. This would be great for other therapists, new graduates and undergraduates too.”
Alesha, Occupational Therapist

For a sneak peak at Emerge From Overwhelm – click here.

Please share with your colleagues/ staff/ friends/ family. Anyone who could benefit from a supportive process to work through and get on top of their overwhelm now, and in the future.