Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Ready Or Not?

Feeling Ready or Not?

OK, dare I say it? I’m not sure I want to go back out into the world yet. It’s not that I don’t feel safe, or believe that most people and businesses will be doing their best to maintain safety in this COVID 19 environment.

I just anticipate that there will be a milieu of little and big adjustments I will need to make, just going about my everyday. I worry that I will get overwhelmed and feel exhausted. The introvert in me trembles a little.

My worries may not be the same as yours though. I have friends excitedly talking about getting back to the shops or going out to dinner. I know people who have been desperately lonely and isolated during this time. Others are concerned about their children returning to school. There will be many and diverse responses to our move to Level 2 just as there have been throughout these past 7 weeks as the country adjusts, adapts, and readjusts to new ways of doing things.

New Possibilities?

As you shift your mind to your work at Level 2 what response are you noticing for yourself? If you are up and down and all over the place, that is normal. Maybe you are exhausted, that is normal. If you are “over it” that is normal too.
I have clients who are starting to recognise the toll the past weeks have taken on their wellbeing.

Have you begun to adjust to working from home, just in time to face returning to your workplace, or have you worked throughout lockdown?

What if?

Are you wondering about how things might be different in your new work normal and what you could do to achieve a better work life balance?

Because while so much feels up in the air this may be the time to make some shifts and create better options for your own work wellbeing.

Let me know if you need some support to explore these concerns. Let’s make a plan going forward that allows you to maintain your work wellbeing.

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