Emerge and Spread Your Wings


As a consultant in the careers field I was finding my work/life balance a challenge, however I was unsure about what benefit professional supervision would add to my working life.

In supervision I have been introduced to reflective models to help clarify client issues, and effective strategies for managing my workload.

I have learnt to manage my stress levels better as I have clear strategies to use. This has enabled me to enjoy getting the most out of my work/life balance and helped me manage where my mental energy is going.

Emerge supervision has helped me build skill sets that I didn’t know that I needed. These have been beneficial to both my work and home life. Jill adds value to her clients as a professional and is also a joy to work with.

Alysha Phillips, Consultant

When I started working with Jill at Emerge Supervision I was looking for support on my business direction and managing the challenges of working from home. I was unsure if having supervision via Skype would be suitable, but it has been a breeze. Jill has supported me with making clear goals that work for me personally as well as professionally. I have learned how to plan ahead better to make working from my home more successful. Jill is an excellent supervisor. She has a clear perspective and is able to break down key issues and present these back to you in a manageable way.

Louise, Occupational Therapist, Christchurch

With Jill’s support I have able to get clear on my priorities, and define what I want in a working week. I’ve learnt strategies for employer negotiations and have felt confident renegotiating my working conditions with my employer to achieve a better work life balance.

Jill quickly figures out where you are at, and is good at asking questions to get you to define what the issues are. She is very skilled at getting me to find my way through the issues, and come up with my own solutions.

Ellen Smoothy, Physiotherapist, Otago, New Zealand

Before I started supervision with Jill at Emerge Supervision I was new to the management role and wondered who I was going to be mentored by. Since beginning supervision I have learnt the arts of downloading, organising my thoughts, goal setting and prioritising. Supervision with Jill has provided me with a safe place to develop management tools that benefit my health and the lives of my team. I have already recommended Jill to my friends.

Paul, Management, Whangarei

I have found supervision sessions with Jill helpful, enlightening, rewarding and consolidating. Being able to reflect on my practice, develop ideas, generate goals and tasks and get guidance to achieve outcomes aids my work satisfaction. I’ve learnt how to keep work and home life separate by having the opportunity to discuss work related issues in a private, safe and comfortable environment.

Jodie, Occupational Therapist, Northland

Jill has been supervising me for around four years now. Although I come from a profession where professional supervision is unheard of, I find her absolutely invaluable.
Her approach is very calm and low-key and her suggestions always have that magic mix of acute insight and immense practicality. She is truly extraordinary. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lawyer – Whangarei

I have been working with Jill on a 2-3 monthly basis, in one on one supervision, for close to 7 years. This relationship with Jill, has benefited me beyond expectation both as a person and Occupational Therapist. At times I have the found role of a clinician stressful and detrimental to my own wellbeing. She has guided me through challenging periods and continued to encourage me to make the changes to benefit myself and development of my career. The process that she facilitates helped transform me into an experienced therapist learning and growing every day.

Graeme Shroff – Occupational Therapist

Jill has been my Supervisor for the last 4 years. She has been extremely helpful in helping me explore my professional direction and provided invaluable support and direction with sticky issues. She has a calming and non-judgmental manner and has assisted me to really strategize my professional persona and work life balance.

Alesha Wall, Occupational Therapist