Emerge and Spread Your Wings
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Jill Secker


I truly, strongly believe that, as people working in helping professions we MUST, MUST, MUST attend to our own well-being. How do we manage our stress, workloads, and multiple commitments and avoid burn-out? Not only that – how do we thrive?


I am a professional supervisor, occupational therapist, wife and mother of 4 school age children. I am a problem-solver, clarifier, listening ear, cheerleader and ideas person for people-focussed professionals. I know what it’s like to work full-time, part-time, overtime, juggling kids, aging parents and a myriad of work-life challenges. I have worked in private practice, hospital systems, and dysfunctional “wheels-falling-off” teams and with a wide range of different flavoured professionals and clients in New Zealand and overseas.


I am a gatherer of useful ideas, strategies, resources and information, but more than that I am skilled in helping you implement these into your everyday life in meaningful ways. Through professional supervision I offer

  • A safe space for your self-reflection and planning
  • Clarity of purpose – helping you gain clarity in issues, and gain momentum in moving forward towards your goals
  • Empathy for situations based on my own experience, knowledge of teams, client and interpersonal dynamics
  • Tools for practice to help you grow, reflect, gain balance and enhance your well being.
  • Structured, organised and client outcome focused sessions.


“Have you ever watched a butterfly in mid-flight? It bobs slightly up and down, leisurely flitting from one flower to another. It’s amazing to think that not long before, that same butterfly was an earthbound caterpillar inching its way along. So often, I’ve felt like a little caterpillar, ready and wanting to fly but lacking the wings to accomplish it. That’s the miracle of transformation. We can develop beyond our current limits. We can grow wings and fly. I love butterflies because they symbolize this transformation so perfectly.”  Creative Bloom – Jennifer Swift


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