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Hands Up For A Change – Ideas To Enhance Behaviour Change

In my current studies I have been exploring models of behaviour change and motivation. I find this a fascinating subject – how, when, why we make changes in our lives and what influences whether or not we are successful and can sustain the change.
I have been considering the ways I enable my supervisees to make the changes they seek in their work lives. One of the most rewarding parts of supervision for me is seeing my supervisees make shifts in their practice that better enhance their wellbeing and that of their clients.

Ideas To Enhance Behaviour Change

Here are some of the elements I have identified that help increase our motivation and success with change.

  • A clearly defined goal for change
  • Self-efficacy – belief that we are capable of making that change
  • A supportive environment – physical, social and emotional
  • Getting clear on the pros and cons of the change
  • Being mindfull of our current habits, triggers and default behaviours
  • Recognising there are stages in the change process we move through
  • Planning for the bumps – having a back up plan to adapt to real life

There are many factors which influence our motivation and capability to change, however fundamentally I believe we all have the potential to make shifts towards greater wellbeing in our lives. I’d love to explore with you how supervision might be a secret-weapon to help you with those changes.