Emerge and Spread Your Wings

What’s Up Again?

I’m feeling today as if it has all been said. I’m finding it hard to capture little trains of thought into sensible sentences, and feeling somewhat bogged by life. So instead of a new inspirational blog as I plan for my school holiday break (Not sure if that is the right label when you are a parent), I will honour where I am at in my sense of overwhelm, and bring you some words written when I was clearer. This blog from 2015 still rings true for those wondering what to bring to their next supervision session.

What’s Up?

While each supervisee is unique with their own personal and professional context, challenges and skills, the issues brought to supervision often fit into broad themes. If you are stuck about what to bring to your next supervision session, maybe one of these themes will resonate with you.

Supervision topics:
Change – adapting to, planning for, or coping with change. For example, a new team manager with a different management style.
Growth – goal setting, professional development, personal skills eg help to weigh up the pros and cons of a range of postgraduate study options.
Challenge – new roles, increased responsibilities, life changes impacting on work, inter-professional relationship dynamics – for instance an unforeseen increase in workload due to staff shortages requiring reprioritising of your workload.
Reflection – ethical dilemma, cultural understandings, professional boundaries, learning from past experiences, such as using critical reflection to unpack a complex client intervention and outcome.
Celebration – accomplishments, new learnings, achieving goals – taking the opportunity to acknowledge successes, great outcomes and newly gained skills.

Have a safe and relaxing Easter holiday.