Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Up the Mountain

Confession time. I missed last week’s blog post. I needed to tend to my own self-care and wellbeing, so instead of working I went up the mountain. I don’t mean to sound glib about taking time off, but more and more I am recognising how important it is to allow space for myself in the busyness of my work and family life.

I am a master juggler, and a perfectionist, so choosing not to stick to my to do list is a real challenge at times, but some of the tools I have found useful for me include:
Setting 3 MITs – identifying my 3 Most Important Tasks for the day, each day, and allowing myself to feel satisfaction with achieving those.
Mindfulness Meditation – practicing mindfulness through a regular meditation habit.
Attending a Boundaries Course – being conscious of how I set boundaries around my work and other aspects of my life.
Regular Remedial Massage – attending to my body’s tension.
Aromatherapy – using essential oils to assist with focus, relaxation, mood.
Personality Type – being aware that as an introvert I regain energy by giving myself regular space – a constant juggle with a family of 6.

I don’t always get it right, and last week with sick family, school dramas and extra commitments my tank was on empty. So I chose to climb up the mountain with a friend I rarely see and amazingly I gained new perspective from the top.

Got to practice that wellbeing – put Wellbeing into Practice.