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The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

My children have been my biggest teachers

When trying to explain the concept of limiting beliefs to my youngest (who has recently convinced herself she can’t do sleepovers) she quickly picked up my point. ” You mean the Power of Yet Mum?”

She is learning (and being reinforced in school – Yay teachers) that she can do hard things. By recognising that something new and maybe hard or scary can ultimately be accomplished by adding “Yet”

I can’t do algebra yet.

I can’t ride a bike yet.

Such an empowering message to learn young.

This conversation made me think about some of the limiting beliefs I hold, and the potential to re-frame them.

I can’t mountain bike yet.

I can’t concentrate on work when my kids are home – yet (next purchase noise cancelling headphones)

I can’t get to grips with the topic for this post graduate essay I am supposed to complete by Friday – yet…..

Boundary Setting and the Power of Yet

Last week was another opportunity for me to tackle my discomfort (read jelly legs) with giving a presentation. I facilitated a workshop at the OT WNA Clinical Workshops in Napier. The topic was healthy work boundaries.

Some limiting beliefs we explored in the healthy work boundaries workshop included:

I can’t influence my work conditions or job satisfaction.

I can’t talk to my manager about my stress levels.

I can’t get on with my colleague who continually criticises me.

I can’t keep up with my caseload

The key learning from the workshop was that Healthy Work Boundary setting is a tool we can use in our work lives to increase our wellbeing in practice. We may not be able to ….Yet, but with practice, and re-framing, and support there is room for improvement in our work satisfaction, our health, our stress levels and our work relationships.

If you are looking for another tool to help you move past a limiting belief in your work life you might like to explore my Healthy Work Boundaries e-course, or contact me to discuss professional supervision.

Now off to work on my essay…..