Emerge and Spread Your Wings

The Future You Are Dreaming

“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.”
Alice Walker

I found this powerful quote recently and it stopped me in my tracks. For me it brings together many of the values I hold around mindfulness, empowerment, growth mindset and wellbeing in practice.

For if we are not creating the sort of life we want right now, what will our future hold? Do we wait on winning Lotto? on retirement? on a new job or the kids leaving home?

With her words, Alice Walker challenged many of the excuses I find myself throwing out – “I want to be fit but I can’t find the time to exercise”, ” I want life to be less hectic, but I keep agreeing to take on more commitments”.

This challenges me to consider the here and now of my day-to-day life and make little changes to bring it closer to my dream. I am encouraged to ponder in more detail what that dream looks like, feels like, contains.

If your present work life is different to the future you are dreaming about then professional supervision can offer help. For example here are Ellen and Shirley’s experiences.

“Before I started supervision with Jill I was having difficulty balancing work and non-work issues. I was deciding whether to sell my practice and wanted to review my on-going physiotherapy work. I was feeling over-loaded with these decisions and my work-load.

With Jill’s support I was able to get clear on my priorities, and define what I want in a working week. I’ve learnt strategies for employer negotiations and have felt confident renegotiating my working conditions with my employer to achieve a better work life balance.

Jill quickly figures out where you are at, and is good at asking questions to get you to define what the issues are. She is very skilled at getting me to find my way through the issues, and come up with my own solutions.”

Ellen Smoothy, physiotherapist, Otago, New Zealand

Shirley was looking to reduce her work hours, but didn’t know how this might effect other staff or how to implement this.

Since engaging in supervision I have reduced my hours and have strategies in place for other staff. Through supervision with Jill I have gained added clarity regarding my work position. Talking issues through in a safe place is extremely helpful – and has sometimes “fixed” the situation without conflict. Supervision is a great way to safely look at work issues or personal issues that impact on work, in a safe and confidential way. “

Shirley Mellsop, Administrator, Whangarei, NZ

Professional Emerge Supervision provides a safe place for your self reflection and future planning, along with tools to increase your work wellbeing.