Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Feeling Stuck?


Happy New Year to you all!

It is at this time of year that goal setting is the hot topic. All big picture visions and detailed steps. With these expectations building up this year I found myself getting stuck with my 2015 goals.

Often I hear myself or my supervisees saying “I just don’t know….”  “I’m stuck”.

That tangled feeling of messy stuckness with no clarity or hint of direction, it can be overwhelming at times. Frustrating and paralysing. It takes genuine courage to address and acknowledge.

Supervision can help you with tools to explore that feeling of stuckness, and here is one.

Sometimes what we do know can lead to clarity easier than what we don’t know.

If you are feeling stuck about something try twisting the focus from what you don’t know or understand (your dilemma) to what you do. Mindmap, draw, write, journal, talk aloud all that you are clear about – such as “I do know in the past I enjoyed….”, “I do know last year I found ….. rewarding/frustrating”, “I do know that I strongly value….”, “ I do know that last year I did too much of …. and want to reduce it”.

Start playing around with the idea that you are building a picture of what is clear for you. Be compassionate and honest with yourself – this is no place for “should”. Be as specific as you are able about what you do know. You may have a list of things you know you need more information on.

Once you have built your picture of what you do know, the unknown can be better put in context and the stuck feeling can shift.  Keep this picture/image/writings/list to reflect on. If you like, bring it to supervision to explore more.

So my new year’s vision includes more of what I know I do want – quiet reflective pauses, stimulating conversations, and creative opportunities. I’m looking forward to see what emerges in supervision this year.