Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Stillness in Reflection

Next month I will have been writing my Emerging Insights blog for a year and it seems timely to do some reflection of my own on the value of what I offer through supervision. Recently someone made the observation to me that water and reflection featured in many of my blog images. For me there is something magical about the stillness required for water to allow reflection.


In my blog “Unashamedly Navel Gazing” I talked about reflective practice, and Michael Carrol’s comments that “the medium of learning in supervision is mainly reflective”. The article I reviewed by Michael Carrol identified the internal requirements that enable us to reflect include – “the ability to distance self from situation (often literally as well as figuratively)”, and “the ability to think about events in wider context”.


It is often easier to drop supervision off the list when we are busiest – but this is one time when supervision can be especially valuable – reflecting on why we are in this situation and how to avoid staying in this place, or returning to this busyness. To paraphrase that well known quote – “If I always do what I have always done… I will always have the same outcome”. Are you taking the space to distance yourself from your work situation and think about events in a wider context?


So here is a challenge for you. Where can you build into your week a point of stillness to allow reflection?