Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Searching for Clarity

One of the things I love about supervision is how the supervisee can arrive totally overwhelmed and befuddled and leave with a clarity of purpose and clear steps to take.
The process of supervision has me in awe at times because I can feel as confused as the supervisee, while still trusting the magic of the process.
It is not me who provides you with the answers, but through the supervision process I draw them out of you – your experience, your instincts, your gut feelings about what is the best and wisest path. Sure, I can give ideas and tools and suggestions or prompts but ultimately it is the faith I have in you as a professional who wants to do the best by your client.
Supervision can be challenging, insightful, and right at your “learning edge”, but ultimately so rewarding, as you make the connection and regain your clarity and confidence.