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The Ripple Effect


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December 2014

Is anyone, like me, feeling the pressure of the lead up to Christmas at the moment? My To Do list is growing daily and not getting ticked off as quickly. Not helped by having a week with a head cold. I keep hearing my own words about just taking it easy, focusing on the most important task, and prioritizing, but to be honest I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting caught up in the “shoulds”. I start December with all these lofty plans of baking for so and so, handwritten Christmas letters, being organised. Yada Yada. What I really need to remember that this is the month that everything seems to get crammed into, as people try to fit in their last meeting, Christmas lunch, shopping trip, etc.

Sooooo… in an effort not to create more stress in your life, or guilt about what you should be doing I am sending you a little Christmas freebie pdf with permission to leave it until January. The pdf is called The Ripple Effect and it is a printable page which can be used in many ways. I first came across the concept some time back, and it is a good reminder of the power of planning little steps towards your goal. In the centre you can write a goal for 2015. Try to make it specific and use positive language. Once you have your centre focus, then add the first tiny step towards that goal in the inner circle. You may know some of the subsequent steps, put them in. As others become evident add them in. Then experience the effect of momentum on attaining your goal. That one little drop can create a large ripple effect.