Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Prioritising – What Makes Frogs Easier To Swallow?

I was supposed to be eating frogs yesterday. If Frog Eating is new to you see my earlier blog here. I have deadlines approaching. One week before the school holidays begin, after which I start my first post graduate paper (through Otago Occupational Therapy School) on Motivation and Behaviour Change. It has been some time since my last study stint, and I am feeling excited and daunted, not to mention a little concerned about how I will juggle my family, business and study. Hence the long list of tasks I want to get up to speed with, some of them rather unpalatable.

I could have looked to a reward to motivate me like suggested in this Lifehack article. Instead I started running from those frogs, and finding other “busy” work. With some reflection I realised why I was stalling is that, with my busy life, I want to do tasks in the most efficient way. I needed to get clearer on the big picture before I tackled the next part. By stepping back and allowing myself to get a broader perspective (like we do in supervision) I could see another way to proceed that would be more effective and efficient. I could prioritise which task was going to have the best result. In turn I was then able to find the motivation to get that frog swallowed.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of my learning on motivation, and behaviour change in future blogs, and supervision sessions. I can’t think of a better topic to launch my return to study. Maybe one of my assignments will be on motivation for eating frogs.

And my supervisees needn’t worry that I won’t have time for them. The most likely task to drop off my priority list will be housework. Any recommendations for a good cleaner are most welcome.