Emerge and Spread Your Wings

No Experience Is Wasted

“Some of the best lessons we ever learn, we learn from our mistakes and failures. The error of the past is the success and wisdom of the future.”

Tyron Edwards

What is the Value of Past Experience?

I am in the process of recording audio lessons for my new e-course. In the middle of this new challenge I was musing on past experiences. I realised that this experience of recording my voice is a culmination of many experiences I have had up until now. My Dad’s advice echos to me to slow down when talking in public – “People process what they hear much slower than you think”. I recall feedback from my past audio visualisation – “You have a nice calm voice, Jill”. I remember teaching relaxation to clients as a new graduate – and feeling incredibly nervous as my voice filled a silent room.

What I wanted to illustrate is that for each new experience we face in our work (and other parts of our lives), we draw on many past experiences, both positive and negative.

When providing supervision, this premise is one I often utilise. Sometimes I ask “When have you been in a similar situation before?” or “Can you think of a past experience that required you to …..?” By drawing out those buried memories of tackling a similar challenge the supervisee can draw upon past learning. As a result they gain more confidence in planning successful actions to reach the outcome they want. Even our past mistakes are opportunities to learn from. No experience is wasted.

PS My new e-course is being birthed as I write. Wow, talk about a new experience! Keep an eye on your in box for more information coming up…..