Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Movement in Reflection

“We see in order to move, we move in order to see” William Gibson

Recently I have been enjoying the increasingly sunny spring days with a few local walking supervision sessions. Moving while reflecting has become a favourite method for me to explore a tricky situation, or get out of a funk. The value of this makes sense when we explore the reasons why movement helps brain function.

Physical movement such as walking:

  • Increases our circulation – bringing more oxygen to our brain, and narrows our attention to the key task being performed.
  • Offers a break from learning and concentrating – our brains are designed to learn short bursts of information followed by time to process the information.
  • Generates good chemicals – repetitive gross motor movements (such as walking) stimulate Dopamine (neurotransmitter that produces good feelings)
  • Gives our bodies a break – ¬†from sitting – many of us have largely sedentary jobs, and movement provides a change in posture, reducing muscle fatigue, and eye strain.
  • Changes our situation – moving away from our usual work space allows us a chance to change our perspective and see things afresh.

To put Wellbeing in Practice through movement here are some ideas:

  • walking meetings
  • taking a walk at lunchtime
  • walking supervision
  • walking when you have a dilemma or need to work something out
  • listening to an audio training or TED talk while walking
  • pacing while taking a phone call.

Let me know how you are putting movement and reflection into your work day?

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