Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Is Professional Supervision For Me?

“Supervision is the ideal place where practitioners can be supported to build and integrate professional development and self-management.”

L.Beddoe and A. Davys

Different professions have different perspectives on supervision. In some areas supervision is what is given to students or new graduates to ensure their practice is up to scratch. For others supervision is mandated as part of the practitioners ongoing responsibility for professional development. I’ve been reading on practitioner wellbeing and the role of supervision. In their book on professional supervision, Liz Beddoe and Allyson Davys argue for the value of supervision at all stages of a professional’s career as described here.

Stages of Career – Focus on the Supervision Journey at three stages


  • Learning about use of self
  • Learning to build relationships
  • Professional socialisation
  • Management of self in practice

Early Career:

  • Developing professional resilience
  • Consolidating professional persona
  • Growing into a team member
  • Learning about collaborative practice


  • Continuous professional development
  • Maintaining optimism and creativity
  • Modelling self-care and intellectual refreshment
  • Developing supervision and leadership skills

(Reference: Challenges In Professional Supervision, L. Beddoe & A. Davys, 2016)

If you are wondering how supervision might work for your stage of career, I’ve explored this in previous blogs. What Do You Mean? – describing what happens in supervision, and Whats Up? – what might you bring to supervision?

While the frequency of supervision sessions may vary between the different career stages, the inherent value of a space to reflect on your practice, and emerge refreshed, with a pro-active plan for moving forward is beyond dispute.

If you’d like to talk more with me about how professional supervision can support you at your stage of career contact me here.