Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Beat The Back To Work Blues

I suspect many of you have returned to work by now after the Christmas break. I wonder how it is feeling? After the typical Monday blues and readjustment time are you feeling content to be back in the swing of things. Or is there a sinking feeling when you consider the year ahead stuck in a groundhog day scenario?

While it would be naive to believe that work is always rewarding, stimulating and satisfying there is a big difference between enjoying your work and feeling beaten down by it.  Living with the chronic stress of a work life that doesn’t fit, or is toxic is going to take a toll. I have a number of friends and colleagues who have experienced burnout as a result of the chronic stress of their work situation.  Is it time for a change for you?

If a change is what you are wanting for 2018, here is a question I asked that lead to our family stepping out of our usual life and creating an adventurous year away in the South Island … “What if ?” – For the whole story read here…

What If?

What if I changed the way I work in my current job?
What if I worked part time?
What if I gained more work/life balance?
What if I took regular holidays and breaks?

What if I was able to make a shift in mindset to re-frame my current work challenges?
What if I pursued that new career I always wanted to try?
What if …….?

If there is something that has captured your imagination, that you would love to turn from a dream into reality, these questions are very powerful. The next one might be “What would need to happen if I was to pursue this idea?” and “What is best first step to start this journey?”

Even if your dream for 2018 doesn’t involve a big change in the way your work, you may have a list of goals you would like to achieve. For instance fitting more wellbeing into the work you already enjoy.

If you would like support to take the dreams you have for 2018 and turn them into tangible goals and small, manageable actions that step you closer and closer to your ideal work life check out Intentional 2018. I still have a couple of spaces for sessions next week to work with you on creating your own “What if?”

For more information on Intentional 2018 follow this link.