Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Creating A Strong Foundation

A quote I read this morning started me thinking about the value of our foundation in life.

“Foundation is important because it allows you to feel where you are coming from and where you are going, without having to worry about either one.”

Adriene Mishler

What constitutes your foundation?

For some it may be their values, or their faith. For others it is family or community. Your foundation might include your physical characteristics such as fitness, health, posture or endurance. It might be based on good nutrition, or self-care routines. It may be that your daily habits form and support your foundation. In your work life you may find your job description, your work role, your professional identity or team goals form the foundation of your practice.

Without a firm foundation we don’t have a point to ground ourselves to move from. Lacking a foundation brings to mind those TV team challenge shows (remember Top Town?) where contestants have to jump from a wobbly floating platform to another. Nothing solid to push off from and no where solid to land. Talk about a challenge!

When your actions are built on a solid foundation it give you a sense of confidence, momentum and freedom. You experience greater resilience against life’s challenges.

Ways to strengthen your foundation

If you are feeling like your foundation needs some shoring up contact me to see if professional supervision might be a good fit for you.