Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Value in Supervision

” A true teacher is someone who has the courage to sit down with you, and question your thoughts together.” Byron Katie

This quote by Byron Katie had me thinking about what constitutes great value in supervision. I love providing supervision. I relish the insights my supervisees gain, the solutions they discover, the changes they feel supported to make. I enjoy the amazing people I work with, the passion they show for their work, and the difference that supervision makes to their practice over time.

It is my job to provide the safe space, encourage the reflection and remind supervisees they have the knowledge and skills to overcome the challenges they are facing in their work. But I can’t do it alone. That wouldn’t be a balanced or therapeutic relationship. In order to get the best value for their money my supervisees have to do their part. They need to commit to improving their practice, their work wellbeing, their skills, by showing up for supervision, by engaging with and wringing the juice out of it.

My supervisees are amazing

I’m so lucky with the supervisees I work with. If you are someone who wants to get great value from your supervision and commit to improving your work wellbeing I’d love to work with you. You can expect increased job satisfaction, support with your growth and learning, better work relationships, courage to question the status quo and improve your work environment.

PS I’ve been very grateful for the feedback I have received from my survey posted last week. I’m developing a series of on-line courses. If you haven’t already, I’d really appreciate your feedback. It will take less than 5 minutes and the link is here.