Emerge and Spread Your Wings

Themes in Goal Setting

Some people seem to be able to come up with goals cold turkey – a clear, succinctly worded, concrete, measurable goal out of thin air. Not me though. I have discovered that spontaneous throw-away statements tossed around at New Year, such as ” I will get fit” or “I will be nicer to my children” don’t hold water when it comes to real life.

I have found however, that spending time getting clear on what I want to achieve, and using a process to help me with fine tuning, gains me powerful, motivating and achievable goals to build my little steps upon.

As I will be sharing with those who have sign up for my 2016 Goal Setting Intensive, one of my tips to help with refining my goals is to identify themes.

For instance I have a goal theme of Learning (what new skills and understandings to I want to gain this year), one of Foundations (the systems, boundaries and processes I need to put in place in order to keep growing my business) and Create (what new tools and services and ideas I want to generate). Other themes might include Finances, Boundaries, Balance.

By choosing themes for my work goals I can group together little steps, tasks or To Dos into bigger pieces, all working together to get closer to my ideal work life.

Have you set some goals for your work life this year, and if so what themes do you see emerging?

If you are seeking more support with the goal setting, and achieving process I still have a few spaces available on the 2016 Goal Setting Intensive. Click on the link above to find out more.